H1b transfer cap-exempt to cap-subject

Hello Users/Experts,
I was on Cap-Exempt working for a government agency, was never part of lottery. I recently accepted an offer from a Cap-Subject employer, they agreed to sponsor visa. They indeed applied for a transfer and got approval notice today (12/16). So far all these years, i thought it is not possible. Will i face any risks in future ? How did i get a approval is what surprises me.

A loyal H1b Worker.

Well, I think it was a mistake on the USCIS part. In general, you cannot move from cap exempt to cap subject without going through the lottery. If your case was true, everyone would join a non-profit research and get H1B and avoid lottery…think about it…

Double check with few qualified immigration attorney on this, before you settle and celebrate. It is better to be safe than sorry. The safe thing to do is apply for H1B in lottery and then switch to that…Do update how it goes here for community benefit.