H1B transfer - Bridging question

Hi there,

This is Pinky writing today with an immigration question I have for myself-

I have been working for ‘Company A’ since past two years. My H1B visa expired on July 3rd 2015. ‘Company A’ applied for extension under normal processing a few days prior to that - on June 25th 2015.

Meanwhile I got a job offer from ‘Company B’, and they applied for my H1B transfer on July 8th 2015 under normal processing. (5 days after my visa expiration - which means - possibly while I being out of status).
Now, both the petitions are pending with USCIS.

In this situation, at this point if we can go for premium processing on either the petitions or both, we have these questions in mind -

  1. Can I move to Company B if its petition gets approved without waiting for Company A?
    Or should I wait for Company A’s extension to be approved first? As I understand this is a case of H1 bridging.

  2. Lets say, both the petitions get approved, then is it safe to move to Company B immediately or will I have to go to my home country /or outside of US and get my visa with Company B stamped?

  3. Or are there any more concerns in this case? For example- In future, a few months or years down the line, if ever Company A revokes/or withdraws their petition after I move and start working for Company B, will it be a problem?

  4. Or should I ask Company B to withdraw its existing petition and file a new one after my petition with Company A gets approved? Will this be rather a safer option?

​Whats the safest and best way for me to proceed at this point? We are looking for your kind advice on this.

Thank you very much for your help in advance!!

You can go with either of the approvals as they come in.