H1b transfer before stamping and original petition


I did h1b transfer and got approved petition I-797B (recently). Do I need original approved petition for H1B stamping (visa interview)? or The copy of the petition is enough?.

Kindly advice.

Yes, original I797 are required for stamping

Hi Souvik,

Thanks for your reply. In some websites, they mentioned it is not mandatory,


Do you have/know anyone experienced with I-797 copy?, as my employer is not able to courier the document due to safety concerns.

Kindly reply.

Yes right, they do mention copy of the form but I have always seen visa officer asking for the form (never mentioned original or copy though) and whatever attorney house I have worked with they always recommend using the original. Also you would need the same at any DMV and they for sure do not work on copy (personal acquaintance exp).

However you can always go with recommendation from your attorney, after all they know the law better than us.

Good Luck for your stamping.

Thanks Souvik for the recommendation and i will check with Attorney.