H1B transfer before stamping? Also, impact of revoking.


I am on a F1 OPT visa and currently employed by company A. Company A applied for my H1B visa which got selected in the lottery this month (May 2016). Now, I have an offer from company B which is willing to transfer my H1B to their company. The issue is, can I get my H1B transferred to the Company B before stamping in October? Also, if the company A tries to revoke the H1B after it has been transferred to company B, can the H1B be revoked?
Waiting for URGENT reply as I have an offer pending.


I have heard mixed stories about this - some folks were successful in getting the new petition even before Oct 1, while others were not.

Beside, the current petition through A needs to be approved in order for this to be even possible. If you leave A before approval, then they can withdraw the petition and you will be out of lottery.

Talk to B’s immigration lawyer about this and upgrade to PP if possible.