H1B transfer before October 1st and stamping in home country

I have a H1B approved with COS (from H4) from October 1st2013.
Because of my family situations,I have to move from employer A to B before October 1st,2013
But my H4 is expiring august 24th,2013.So I need to leave the country.
Will it be a problem for stamping after approval from the employer B ,since I changed the employer before Oct 1st .

Please advise.

Why don’t you apply for H-4 extension which allows you to stay in US beyond Aug?

Thank you.I cant extend my h4 ,since my spouse 7th year extension is pending( perm labor-delay).Do you think it will be a problem with employer B stamping in India after approval ?

You can go for stamping through B as long as you have received their petition’s approval notice.