H1B Transfer approved 1year only. Company B new employer

My H1 approved with new employer only for 1 Year, I already 8years 3months stage with approved I-140 from previous employer.

New employer have to file GC Labor and I-140 process all again.

Anyone suggest to join new employer with 1 Year approved petition, still they have to file all Labor PERM again in 1year valid petition.

What is the risk at 8years 3months stage if company B Labor pending or denial? if I join new employer how long shall I renewal after 1year petition expire?.

-Rohan Joshi

Do you have an approved I-140 through the old employer?

Yes since 2012 EB2, but if he revoke that I 140 we can’t use that. Case already approved 1 year with new employer. So I can get priority date only in future. But what about within 1 year new employer can approve PERM ? If audit ? 1 year will end soon, I know some people PERM audit resolve after 1 year means 2 years all process in that case? So if that case how I renew , because I’m in USA more over 6years already…
Please suggest…

Do you know why it was approved for just 1 year? It should have been 3 based on approved 140. Did USCIS make a mistake here?

Ask new employer to start green card process soon. Even if PERM is pending for more than 365 days, you are eligible for 1 year extension.