H1b transfer approval with consular notification important questions..please advice

HI All,

I think most of us are going through these situations now.

Can you all post ur experiences:

1 H1B Approved with Employer A last year till March 2021,VISA Stamped with Emp A in passport, Online I 94 updated till March 2021.

  1. Joined Employer B on receipt in November 2018 and started working on receipt.

  2. Employer A sent request to withdraw on March 2019.

  3. Now if Employer B petition is denied…if i reapply new H1b in premium process after Employer B denial lets suppose that I will get new H1b approval (I797 B) with consular notification.

In that case can i simple use my Employer A Visa stamping and carry LATEST h1B Consular approval I 797 -B travel out of country and come back by getting a new I 94 at Port of entry airport ?

Can i skip the visa stamping for latest H1b I 797 B consular notification approval?

please if someone did all this i need to know

Yes, as long as you have valid H1B stamp on your passport and you have valid employment in US and approval notice of H1B for new employer, you can use that stamp to re-enter. Check Do you need New h1B visa stamp after transfer