H1B Transfer and Pay Stubs :Minimum pay stubs to have

Hi All,

I am currently in US working for employer A on L2-EAD visa.  I have been getting regular pay stubs.Employer A has applied for my H1B petition (Cap Exempt, i.e Out of Cap).I have received the acknowledgement receipt but have yet to received the approved petition. Once I get the approved petition, can I immediately join a new employer B through H1B transfer? Or is there a requirement that I need to have minimum of 2-3 pay stubs on H1B status with employer A before employer B can apply for my H1B transfer?

Thanks for your time and help.

You can join B immediately. You have to show status for past 3 months. In this case it will be 3 months of L-2 status (which in turn requires L-1 payslips). If you apply for H-1 transfer after staying w/ A for 1 month on H-1 then you need to show 2 months of L-2 status and 1 month of H-1 status (H-1 payslips).

Hi Saurabh, Thank you for posting answers to all questions. I’m also in similar situation.

I’m on L1B with employer A from Jan’12 to Sep’13. Employer B (Consulting company) applied H1B through COS during Apr’13. My H1B is approved and active from 1st Oct 13. If I would like to switch company (through H1B transfer from Employer B to C), Am I need wait for 3 pay stubs from Employer B on my H1B till Jan’14 or Can I transfer at any time with L1B payslips and latest H1B pay slip?

Thank you for your time.