H1B transfer and H1B Amendment - Need Advice.


I recently moved from Location A to Location B. My company says they filed H1B amendment (Not PP) as per new rules. Now I have got new offer and new company is processing H1B Transfer under Premium . Now I have few queries here:

  1. How will I know if my company has really started H1B Amendment?

  2. What if H1B Amendment gets approved after I join the new company after H1B transfer approval( Say old company did not revoke H1B amendment)

My new company is aware of the scenario and they are saying old company need to revert back the H1B Amendment else I need to go back to earlier company… Is that true?


  1. They would provide you the receipt number for that

  2. nothing would happen. you can do that

Not at all. you can hold as many as H1B’s at a time.

Thanks Jathin.

  1. My employer is not sharing the receipt number.
  2. So, you mean I can still continue with my new employer even old employer amendment gets approved after new H1B transfer? Some blogs shows there is some rule like “Last Action Rule”… Will that be applicable in this scenario?