H1B Transfer and Extension from old to new company at the time of extension.

I am on H1B visa, and my visa will expired on 09/14/2015. Currently i am working for an Indian MNC Company. My company had filed my H1B extension on 03/02/2015 in normal processing, so it will take 3 - 4 months of processing time. And now i have got an opportunity with a US company for full time, and my H1B needs to be transferred to the US Company, so they are doing my H1B transfer in Premium processing. So my question here is whether its possible that my H1B transfer petition (with new US Company) will get processed or will have any issue or will go in queue, because already there is one H1B extension petition by Indian MNC Company is pending.

Here is the basic idea: What ever you are referring as YOUR H1B is not really YOUR H1B. Its the employer’s H1B who ever is filing. You never OWN any H1B petition at any time, its your employer OWN it. You are the beneficiary of one or more such petitions. In other words, any number of job offers you can have in your hand, but you can choose to take the offer of your choice. Similarly, your current MNC would get a H1B approval to employ you ALSO the US company which filed your Premium H1B also gets approval to employ you on H1B. You can choose to work for any of these companies at any time as long as they still want to employ you and you are willing to work for them. These wont influence one on the other.

Having said that, you are safe and free to choose your choice of opportunity at your disposal.

Thanks a Lot Sir… Really this is a great help.