H1B transfer and extension at the same time

My H1B Visa expires on June 18th 2016.

My company has applied for an extension on May 11th 2016 in normal processing.

I have an offer from a company and they have applied for H1B transfer in premium on June 1st 2016.

Question :

I only have 10 more days for my visa expiry and no response from H1 extension and also H1 transfer.

What would happen in this case?

Will USCIS look for my current status as part of the H1 premium application?

Thanks in advance !!

As your transfer and extension petitions were timely filed (prior to I-94 expiration date), you can continue to stay and work in US for either employer. You can do so for up to 240 days from I-94 expiration date, or denial date (whichever is earlier).

Thanks Saurabh, i got the receipt notice for the H4. H1 receipt notice is with my attorney and they have not shared it with me.
The H4 application is approved and i got the i797 C for it. Will my attorney get the i797 A for both H1 and H4?

See my response to your other post.