H1b transfer and employer change - urgent

I got H1b from Wipro and traveled to US and stayed there for 2years and came back to India and now i am working with TCS. Wipro was initiated my h1b withdrawn request to USCIS and its processed and withdrawn/revoked. I found an US based Employer XYZ Ltd who initiated my H1b transfer and i am currently working with TCS in india. My h1b transfer case is still pending status.
My question is
1)can i change my job from TCS to EmployerC say Accenture in india while my h1b transfer is pending with XYZ Ltd?
2)Once my h1b transfer case is approved can i go for stamping with XYZ Ltd I797?

3)Is there any difficulty i will face during the visa interview?
4)In the interview who will be my current employer i need to say?
5)Which employer payslips i need to submit if the interviewer ask me to show?

  1. When H1B transfer is in process, it is like you have accepted a job offer from XYZ company. You may be asked in interview, why did you change to employer C after accepting XYZ offer.

  2. Yes, once approved you can go for stamping.

  3. Yes, you may be asked if you change company to employer C

  4. You will have to always say the truth. Telling a lie, would mean you will be further scrutinized if caught.

  5. Whoever is your current employer as of that month of interview.

Thank you! Here the XYZ is based in US so i cant work unless the case is approved stamped and travel to US. In this time is it a fine move to join EmployerC? Once the case is approved what are the chances of my visa stamping approval? I will not lie at any pount of time. I just want to know if i say i am working with EmployerC will it be a problem for visa approval?