H1B Transfer and coming back to USA from India.

I used to work in USA for 6years i.e.; until May 2013. Due to family emergency i moved back to India and started working in a Company located in Hyderabad. I actually ressigned to my job in USA.

I hold approved I-140 and also a valid H1B until April 2016. Now i’m planning to go back to USA, but i need to get my H1B stamped.

My question here is, how can i get this resolved. Also is it fine if i find an employer who does H1B Transfer and say that i didn’t work in India. I can provide the paystubs until May 2013. Will that work fine or is that an issue.

I can also provide the paystubs from my India company which i’m working now as well. So please suggest the best way to get these things done and come back to USA.

Go for transfer, working in Inida is not a problem and no need to be hidden…

Find an employer who can transfer…