H1B transfer and cancelation while in India


I am working for company A in India. They have processed my H1B visa which is valid till 2015. Company A didn’t send me to US so I have approched one of the US based consultant B. Consultant B filed a new petition for me and that got approved. Now I have resigned from company A. Before leaving comapny A the will take my petition and passport to cancel/revoke my H1B Visa, Can you please answer my below questions

  1. Company A revoke/cancel H1B visa means will they cancel only petition or H1B visa?

  2. After cancellation they will write “Cancelled” on my H1B stamp in passport?

  3. Do I need to go consulate for restamping for employer B?

  4. Can I travel to US by holding new petition and current H1B visa stamped passport?

It will help me lot if you can describe more about my sitituation



  1. They may withdraw petition, it has nothing to do with new petition of B

  2. No

  3. Yes, U must go for stamping once B’s petition approved

  4. Yes, if not withdrawn. No, if they withdrawn