H1B transfer and amendment petition in parallel

Hi Saurabh,

My prospective ( new ) employer has applied for my H1B transfer under premium processing almost a week back.

My present employer will be filing an amendment petition due to change in my work location and client.

It will take my present employer atleast 7-10 working days to finally send the application to USCIS for normal processing.

Will this or can this impact my H1B visa transfer which is already sent to USCIS ?Is there a possibility that my visa transfer is approved even before the amendment petition is filed by my present employer and I can switch jobs?How much time will it take to get the receipt notice from USCIS on avg. ?Regards,


The time is irrelevant you can work for either place once you have the right approvals. Premium is halted until the end of this month I believe so its gonna be slow.

Hi- what was the final situation and outcome in your case ? I have a friend in same situation.