H1B Transfer after travelling back to India from US for a different company


I am currently in US for company A on H1. I plan to quit company A in US and then travel to India. Now in India, I plan to join a different company - company B. Company B plans to transfer my visa while me being in India i.e. after joining out their Indian Office.

My question is - is that possible? Transferring visa while me being in India and working for a different company?

Also, is there any risk where my visa could be invalidated?

Another question, can the visa transfer happen while me being in US itself?

Which option is suggested.

Please guide.


  1. Yes it is possible. The new employer will file a cap exempt petition for you

  2. Visa won’t be invalidated, it could be revoked byu your current employer but still if a new employer files a cap exempt petition then you can come back

  3. Yes visa can be transfered while you being in US