H1B Transfer after Stamping without travel to US

Hi All,

Currently i have a valid stamping in my Passport with current employer (ABC) who dont have project right now and i chosen future employer (XYZ) who is ready to do transfer process. If i go with this transfer process -after my amendment of 797 can i travel to US?. As my validity of my visa is still valid till Aug 2023. I need to carry 797 of old/new employer? Is it right?.
Note: With the current employer (ABC)i never travelled to US & Visa stamping is with them only.


You need to present the I-797 from new employer. You may still use your current visa as long as it is valid on the day you enter the US.

Thanks for your kind response.
Seems the Annotation mentioned in the visa is with current employer (ABC), I have never traveled to US. The clause says-"If you haven’t travelled to US in the existing Visa then on H1b Transfer you need to have new employer 797 and go for stamping then travel". Is my understanding is right?

Visa is not tied to any employer even if it has employer annotation.
Please point me to the clause you are referring to.