h1b transfer after revoke application filed

Hi, I recently transferred from F1 to H1B i.e my h1B started from 1st october, i got confirmation in august that my case is approved. now i recently came to know that my employer(A) has filed an application to uscis(most probably he revoked) on 5th oct.

So I have talked to employer (b)(consultancy) and he is sending application for h1b transfer on 11 october under premium processing but don’t have client letter as it will take some time but he hopes to get transfer in process as even if RFE generates due to client letter we will get time to submit client letter later on.

a) I want to know how much time will it take for h1b to be revoked?

b) How much time will it take for transfer to happen?

c) what are the chances of transfer getting approved?

d) what are the chances that I have to go to India permanently/temporarily(for consulate approval)?

e) what are the chances that h1b will be revoked before getting transferred?

Here is the problem with this approach. B would have filed LCA for a specific location. So even when you get client letter later, it needs to be for the same location and not a different one. If you want to get a different location, then a new LCA etc needs to be filed i.e. entire process again.

  1. Typically it is done within few weeks

  2. As it is PP, it should be done within 15 calendar days

  3. Refer to my opening statement. You may not be asked about H-1 payslips as you applied on 11th before the first pay period was completed

  4. It would happen if (3) doesn’t happen.

  5. Either could happen but the timing should not impact the transfer