H1B Transfer after resigning from current employer


I got my H1B petition approved this year but my company is unable to find any opportunity due to my location constraint.

I am planning to resign and then go on H4.

Please let me know if I find any sponsor there in US while on H4, would that company B can apply for Cap free fresh H1 or they also have to repeat whole process?

Kindly advice.


U can go for Cap-Exemption… U r Cap-Exempted till 6 years from Approval…

U can go on H4 and find an employer who can file Cap-Exemption for U…

Thanks for the response.
What if my current employer withdraws petition after my resignation?

H1b Cap-Exemption is irrespective of Withdrawl or Revocation… U r still Cap-Exempt even if it happens…

Thanks a lot