H1B transfer after getting relieved from company


I am working for an Indian MNC A, got my H1B stamped this year and is valid till Sep 14. But now the company says there is no requirement and will not be sending to US. I have not traveled to US with this visa.

I have couple of questions, can you please let me know your suggestions.

  1. I resigned from this company and will be getting relieved next month but now they are saying that they would cancel my H1, so after that can I apply directly to the companies in US ? or if company B wants me to send to US then will it be possible ? Can you pl. tell what documents do I need to have with me after getting relieved ?

  2. So will this visa be valid and eligible for transfer or should I have to appear again for the interview at the consulate ?

Can you please kindly reply as I am confused what to do next.


Sai thiru

There are 2 things - H-1 petition, and H-1 visa stamp in your passport. If they cancel the petition, you can still use it for H-1 transfer to another employer. Make sure to have a copy of the petition or at least the receipt number w/ online status mentioning it as approved. If they cancel the visa stamp, then you will have to go for another visa stamping once the new petition is approved.