H1B transfer after entry into US

HiFew days back I traveled to USA on H1B.X company sponsored my VISA. However after reaching here I got an opportunity from Y company.Y company said they will initiate H1B transfer and it will be done in 10-15days without any problems, as if transfer initiated within 15 days after reaching there won’t be any issue.I have few queriesIs there any chance for RFE if they file petition again? As I don’t have pay stubs from X company (Reached 4 days back and didn’t work for any client)Do I need to go for stamping again if my petition gets approved?If I go back to my home country and if I want to travel back will be any issue?any other problems?Please share your thoughts.

  1. As you have stayed less than 1 pay period (i.e. 15 days) w/ current employer, payslips may not be required. However, I don’t know how Y can make the petition reach USCIS so quickly. They need to first get LCA certified and then publish it before filing “transfer” petition. If the petition is filed after 15 days since you enter US, then payslips would be required to show that you are maintaining status.

2, 3. Stamping is not required as long as you continue to stay inside US. Next time you travel outside US, you would need stamping if your current visa stamp has expired (you can travel using X’s visa stamp and Y’s petition).

  1. Start getting paid as per the law. There is no benching allowed on H-1B. X needs to pay you.