H1B Transfer after 1 Year

Dear Sourabh and experts,

My H1B is with employer X and it is valid till Sep 9, 2023. But I left employer X and changed my job from March 29, 2022, to a new employer Y and started working for them. I was told that they will take care of my H1B transfer to Y from X during my hiring time but it looks like they missed it due to some administrative error, Now they are trying to resolve this issue after one year of my start date before they need to initiate the extension process. Is this issue common? and what would be my start date if USCIS approves the transfer?

Please advise. Thanks

Did you ever get a copy of H1B change of employer aka transfer receipt notice from employer Y. Unless you get a reciept notice you are not supposed to join another H1B employer.

If you worked without a receipt notice and if they never filed your transfer, you may be banned to enter the US in future due to violation of H1B visa terms.