H1B Transfer 221G Issue no status since 1 Year

Dear Redbus/Sir
I’ve applied for H1B Petition thru a consultancy got approved but @Interview 221G admin processing(whie slip) is issued. Since Nov 2022 there is no update at all.
My current employer wants to file a Petition for me which is MNC and chances are high but I am worried do I have to go through Lottery, Petition and Interview fresh? Or I’ll wait have to wait forever for 221G to removed or denied etc.

Highly appreciate your help.

The current employer may be able to file a cap-exempt petition meaning no need for lottery. Once approved you can go for visa stamping , no need to worry about the pending 221g as every visa application is processed independently.

Thanks so much @Kalpesh_Dalwadi Unfortunately my company not filing any lottery for.

Since I got 221G in Nov 2022 and still in refused status,

  1. should I attend interview with new application from same consultancy?
  2. Or shall apply from new consultancy, if yes shall I tell them to just file Petition and lottery not required?
  3. Is lottery registration again required if old petition got approved but stamping not done due to 221 g?
  4. How long the approved petition is valid?

I appreciate your helping nature and please suggest me, big career dilemma for me.


Sure you can.

Yes and yes.


The I-797 approval notice will show the start and end dates. H1B is typically approved for 3 years.