H1B Transfer 2015

Hi- I got my 2015 H1B approved last week. I am currently in India.

My Employer one of the best known MNC, wants me to travel in 2nd Quarter of 2016, but due to some urgent personal need, i want to travel asap.

I have already received my approved petition copy.

  1. Can i go for H1B transfer & how long it will take if i start the process now.

  2. Also want to know, if i go for stamping through my current employer, will there be any problem getting it transferrd.

  3. If i leave my current company, can they cuase any harm to my approved petition anyway ? I mean revoking my H1B etc ?

1.Yes…you can apply for transfer. It depends on how you apply…like regular or premium. For more information on timelines refer to USCIS site.


3.they can revoke any time.