H1B Transfer - 2 Pay stubs for a period

Hello ,
I have applied for H1B Transfer thru new employer and got the receipt from USCIS … the new employer forcing me to join immediately basis on the receipt.
I am on bench with current employer( Last one and half month ) but they are paying me regularly and looking for project for me … I am staying at home but still they are paying regularly and searching for a project. If I join with the new employer on the basis of receipt without informing the current employer I will get two paystubs… Is it illegal ??
Why I don’t want to disclose to the current employer is… incase if my transfer to new employer get rejected then I have an option of fall back I can still continue with the current employer as I have not informed and they are paying me asusal … Please advice me … I don’t want to go against the law but want to know is it an option ??
Thanks in advance

So you will receive 2 full-time payments from both employers, which is not possible.

How about you upgrade the transfer petition to PP, get the result in 15 days and then decide whether to stick w/ old employer or join the new one.