H1B Tracking List Status

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People wrote that if you have not received any information/ number process up to May10th, it`s difficult you have been picked in lottery. Is it true? The process still saying Waiting for the Lottery Result.

I noted on the H1B Visa Tracking list that there are only 22 pages with petitions from 2016, means 1500-1600 petitions, but I was expecting see 230.000 people on tracking list. Why aren`t many people appearing on the list? Is it only sampling?

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The list if a community build list. We would have loved to see all 236K people track their status on the site, but only 1500-1600 turned up :frowning:

Anyways, USCIS has announced that they have completed data entry of all selected petitions, and that is why folks are saying that if selected, you should have received the receipt number by now. Some outliers may still receive the petition - for e.g. employer holds on to receipt and doesn’t inform, receipt delayed/lost in transit - but these are exceptions and not the norm.

Rejection letters will be sent out soon, and that would put an official seal that the case didn’t make through the lottery.