H1B to L2 EAD without break

Hi Kumar and Team,

I would like to move from my H1B to my Spouse L2 Dependent (EAD).

  1. Can I apply for L2 and L2-EAD together for a future date?
  2. And once it is approved , Can I change my status with my employer from H1B to L2EAD
  3. Will there be any break or any period where in I have to unemployed for a certain period if there is a provision to apply for future date.

Please help.

USCIS doesnt honor date that we request, thus, there is no question of future date etc.
Why you are asking for a future date?


Thanks Immigeek.

The reason I’m exploring options is to avoid job break between visa change. If I’m changing from my current H1B to L2+EAD I believe it takes 4-5 months to get approval and for that duration I cannot work. Is there any way to avoid this situation?
Appreciate your help.