H1B to L1A/L1B transfer

H1 to L1


I’m from India. I got my H1 lottery picked in 2022, got stamped my visa in Feb 2023 and I moved to USA in month of May 2023.
Prior moving to USA I had worked for the same company for 14 months and moved to their USA office through H1 visa.
Post moving to USA I found my spouse can’t work on H4 visa till we get I140, when I requested my company to process my I140, they are stating they will do it after I complete 1 year wok in USA.
Now the manager mentioned that company is ready to file petition for me on L1A/B visa thus it helps my spouse to work in USA.

Now I’m in a confusion to accept the L1A/B visa or remain in H1.
Please suggest me if moving to L1A/B lead to cancel my H1 visa ?
Does it mean I’m locked with same employer and can’t move back to H1 ?
I have to move back to H1 in future Do I need to get into H1 lottery again ?

Also if I get L1A/L1B petition approved, do I need to go back to India and get the L1 Visa stamped ? OR can I change the status to L1A/B as I’m already in USA

Please suggest

It will be a new L1 petition with change of status. Once your L1 is approved your status will change from H1B to L1. If future you can switch back to H1B to use any remainder of time left of H1B after deducting the time spent on L1.
If you were in a managerial position offshore for at least one year before coming to the US, L1A may be more beneficial as it has less waiting for green card processing so talk to your employer and check if you qualify for L1A instead of L1B.

Answered above.

Not unless you have used all 6 years. If you have an approved I-140, the H1B extensions beyond 6 years will be cap-exempt so no need for lottery.

Not required if the petition is filed with change of status. However if you travel outside of the US after switching to L1, then you will need L1 visa to enter back.