H1B to H4 , will H1B get suspend or cancel?

My spouse H1B need extension in coming few months and I got H1B approved recently .My wife was in US and recently back to India . We both worked for different MNC in India .Now we are not sure when we will ask to fly again from respective company in this year or not.

so my queries are below…

  • If I got the chance to travel before my wife and I go for H4 to my wife . Then I am not sure whether her H1B will be suspend or cancel by USCIS or her company itself. Is that possible while in US on H4 she can again apply for COS ( H4 to H1B ) using the same CAP Quota. She’ has still more than 5 years left on H1B out of limit of 6 years

-Is it possible for me to travel right now on H4 without H1B Stamping in India along with my wife if she get chance before me . Then it is possible for me to apply COS ( H4 to H1B ) so from 1 Oct , 2014, I will be on H1B status.

-Is it possible from India that some other company can apply H1B transfer for us using the same CAP Quota. In that situation current company can create any problems?