H1B to H4 Visa Conversion with expiry i94 and in processing extension

need to transfer my spouse’s H1B to H4 visa as her employment is coming to an end this 13th Jan, 2017. Currently her H1B extension is pending decision with USCIS (Receipt number received around 6 months back, Waiting for approval) and below are the details of H1B. According to USCIS, when in extension she can stay for 240 days (Currently 192 days are competed) in USA.

H1B Petition expired on 20th Jun,2016 and extension has been filed by employer on 16th June and we are waiting for approval (Chances of her approval before her last working day 13th Jan,2017 are slim). What are the current options for me.

Upgrade to premium and get the decision in 15 days. There is not time limit on regular processing by USCIS.

As employer does not have projects so he is not willing to upgrade to premium and ending the contract 13th Jan.

Need your urgent advise
Current I am also in the same situation where my h1b decision is pending since feb 2017 and i94 expired on 28 feb 2017. My employer got rfe and they are unable to respond. And the deadline to respond rfe is by Jan 3 2018.
Hence I am looking at the option to convert to H4. Kindly advise how you have done h4 conversion staying in US or exit US and get h4 stamp done.