H1B to H4 EAD Visa Stamping Question

I have been on H1b visa for 10+ years, Last year I moved to h4 ead and started my own company.

I am planning to go for H4 visa stamping. Any input or your experience in this matter will help.

Does anyone see any issue in this scenario? Did anyone had rejection in this situation.?


Fundamentally, EAD has no play here for your Visa stamping.
H4 is a VISA, EAD is a work permit (not a visa).
Using EAD option on the top of H4 has no direct impact on H4.
H4 ALWAYS depends on

  1. Primary H1 visa status and its eligibility
  2. Relationship between H1 visa holder and H4 visa holder(Marriage/parent ship etc)
    So, all it matters for your H4 visa stamping is your spouse’s H1 visa status and related paperwork WITH the marriage certificate between you. EAD and having your own company etc doesnt matter.(note: you should not have any taxed earning during H4 without EAD)