h1b to h4 ead - planning for india stamping- h4 valid on passport until sep 2015


I am on h1b since 2013 and my contract ended on April 30th 2015. Now I’m planning to convert to h4 and move to ead since I meet the criteria.
I’m planning to go to India to get the h4 stamping. I have not traveled to India after getting h1b and my h4 stamping on passport is valid until Sep 2015.


  1. Although I have h4 validity until Sep, if I travel in July- Aug do I get stamping from India for proof of change of status?
  2. My husband has applied for h1b extension but not for my h4 extension since im.on h1 now. In this case do I wait until his h1 extension approval then travel to India and get my h4 stamped so I can get 3 yrs valid h4 staM ping
  3. I want save time for conversion so planning trip to india. Please advise me on this situation.