H1b to H4, again h1b to h4 in India


Iam in US, iam got my H1b (h4 to h1b) approved during Feb, but due to some perosnal issues, iam going to India for long period.

Now my Employer said he will revoke my H1b, my question here is

  1. Can i go for H4 interview as soon as i go to India, i mean after 2/3 days my employer sends letter to revoke?

  2. Should i wait for confirmation from my Employer stating that my H1b is been revoked, then go for H4 interview ?

  3. Will it be any problem to go fro H4 interview, when still my H1b is active (for the fact that we dont have tracking on when my h1b will be cancelled, as there is no time frame)

  4. Will there be any H1b related questions asked to me when iam going for H4 interview.

Request you to kindly give me feedback and iam leaving this country in one week.

Your answers are highlty appreciated.


jk29 : Did you receive any response(s) to your question? Thanks.