H1b to F2 visa transfer query

I’m on H1b my spouse is on F1, if I transfer my H1b to F2, can I re-use my H1b in future? Also, I don’t have stamping on my passport.

If you are already in the US on H1B and your spouse is F1, you can change status from H1B to F2. You will be able to use the remainder period of H1B 6 years term in future.

What is the process of changing the status? Getting a new I20 will automatically update in USCIS or do I need to go with the attorney and submit any documents?

If you are not familiar with filling out the form I-539, I would hire an immigration lawyer for change of status application.

How much does it costs? What all the required documents do I need to submit?

I would work with your employer’s immigration lawyer or any other lawyer. Fees vary from lawyer to lawyer. Your attorney will provide you with the list of docs needed.