H1b to F2 visa submitting new documentation after receipt notice received

My job ended in May 2020. I was on H1b status. At the end of May 2020, I filled up i539 to switch my status to F2. At the time, my husband was working on OPT and waiting for Stem OPT approval. So I could only send copy of his EAD card valid until Aug 2020.

Later his Stem OPT got approved in Aug 2020 and he received a new EAD card valid until Aug 2022. I am now worried that my change of status application will be rejected since USCIS does not have a copy of his new EAD card. What is the best way to approach this problem? How can I send USCIS a copy of his latest EAD card now after 6 months of receiving the receipt notice? I filled a paper application for i539.

Also my EB2-NIW application was approved 2 years ago. Does that render me not eligible for F2?

Thanks you very much in advance!

They will not deny it without giving RFE. You can proactively send it to them, but they may or may not consider. Send up a letter to the same location, put in all the receipt notice and other info in it along with the OPT card and send it.

If you filed it on time, you should be fine.

Well, when you go for stamping, it would matter as F2 is non-immigrant and EB green card has different intent. For staying or doing COS, it should be fine.