H1b to F1 and back to H1b

Hi All,

I have an approved H1b petition valid till April 2022. I don’t have my stamping done yet. Also I do not have an approved I140.

I am planning to go back to school on F1.

After finishing school I plan to utilize the unused period left on my approved H1b petition. For moving from F1 back to H1, will I need have a H1b or will an approval notice suffice I797A?


If you have worked on H1B for sometime, you can do that. If you have not worked on H1B for even sometime, it is slightly grey area.
Yes, all you need is the approved H1B copy

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Thanks Sir for the reply.

Yes I have been on H1b since October 2019. I can come back to H1b without a stamp and my approval notice should be sufficient correct?