H1b to B2 transfer, status of H1b after that

I am currently on H1b and getting it transferred to B1/B2 for going to India.

what will be the status of my H1b. will it remain valid with my previous emolyer.

I am just curious to know if I want to come back again to US, will the H1B with previous comapony remain valid???

Manish - Your question is not clear.When your in H1B with a employer why you are transferring to B1 for jus travelling purpose alone. Could you please elaborate your situation. Thanks Vivek

Vivek - I am planning to move to India permanently for now.
I have got a job from an Indian company having US operations as well. They are asking me to Join in US on B1 visa and then come to India after 2 weeks. So, I need to find out what will be the status of my H1-B if I get this transfered to a B1.