H1b Termination and H1b Transfer Need response please


I came to USA in Aug 2014 by Company A… transfered H1 to Company b in Nov 2014… Now I am on bench for last one month and found a fulltime offer from Company C, they filed LCA 2 days ago. Due to internal politics, my employer got to know about Company C and want to terminate me tomorrow I.E June 22nd. My LCA with company c initiated on June 18th. Please experts take time to answer me the below

  1. What is the time frame for termination to reach USCIS, is it done online or fedex

  2. Will out of status for three days effect me (If company B terminates tomorrow and time gap for Company C to file H1transfer is 3 days from tomorrow as they are waiting for LCA)

  3. Will uscis terminate and update the system as on they receive the termination letter from Company B

  4. How much time will it take to premium process my H1 transfer

  5. what are the possible things while in Out of status

Please share your views as early as possible