H1b stay beyond 6 years - Corona - No GC applied until now


Before the Corona crisis, I was planning to travel back to India by end of April as that’s when my H1 completes the 6 year term and as there was no GC applied by my employer.

Due to the current crisis & lock-down of incoming flights to India from all countries (which we see likely to extend beyond Apr 15), there is no available means to go back to Home country.

  • In such situations, can H1 visa be extended beyond the 6 years limit, so that I can continue working until Travel resumes? I don’t know whether this comes under a special/humanitarian situation as told here. But if Yes, can you share the related links/more info to help in the discussion with my immigration attorney.

  • Are there any other alternatives available in this situation apart from applying to B2 visa and staying at home?

Thx !!

Well, these are extraordinary circumstances, hard to say, how USCIS would handle…
I am not sure, if you would get additional time. They may allow you to stay on B2, if you apply for COS to B2, but working I am not sure…Discuss with your attorney…

I cannot think of any other options, other than B2 or going back home…

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Thanks for replying back Kumar. Not sure if we can consider this internet excerpt, but wanted to see if you/anyone was able to find such related genuine recent updates from USCIS on the same, which would help in my case to present the case to extend H1 visa if there is any possibility; or completely move to the option of B2 COS?

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There is no official update. Frankly, the Economic Times has reported many things that were not verified and not fully accurate…

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