H1B Status when approved by two sponsors

I am working in company A and my H1B is approved till Feb 2017, I was planning to switch the company , company B applied for my H1B and it also got approved. but I did not join company B. Will I H1B status still be valid as I have H1B sponsored by company A till feb -2017?

I am asking this question because my spouse recently traveled to US on F1 visa and Immigration officer told her that I am not living in USA legally as my H1-B is denied on feb-2016, and US Imigration won’t let me enter for another 20 years once I leave USA. Fortunately I have traveled outside USA in May -2016 and they let me enter and I have valid I-94 until feb-2017.

Kindly let me know what should I do.

That’s weird.

B’s approval doesn’t impact A’s approval. I don’t know why PoE officer told her that your H-1B was denied in Feb-2016. Did something happened in the month? In addition, if she is entering on F-1, why is the officer bothering w/ your immigration status as F-1 is independent on H-1.

Let your attorney know as well.

Company B revoked H1B raised by them on 27 Feb 2016.

My spouse entered 30 days prior to the college start date, so she have to undergo second immigration check, and she was also having H4 Visa due to which officer questioned about me.

Maybe the officer looked-up the most recent petition and considered that to be most accurate one. As you never worked for B but worked for A all along you should be fine.