H1B status starts from oct 1st; applied for H4 COS; current status F1 OPT


I am currently on OPT till Aug 22nd 2012. My H1B status starts from Oct 1st 2012. From Aug 23rd to Oct 1st I will be on cap-gap extension. Due to personal reasons, I have to leave this job and move to another state where my husband lives. Now, I have applied for COS to H4 based on my husband’s H1B. The H4 COS application was recieved by USCIS on July 20th 2012 and since then it is in “initial review” status on their website. I have been told that the usual wait period for COS to H4 is 2.5 months when filed in the California Service Center. Hence, following are my questions:

  1. If my H4 application is still in review after Oct 1st 2012, would it cause a problem for my application since my H1B status will start by then?

  2. Can I leave my job while I am still on cap-gap extension (between Aug 23rd and Oct 1st) and move to the other state while my H4 appliction is still pending, or will I have no valid status to stay in the country? I must mention that my F1 visa is valid May 2013.

Thanks for your help!