H1b status . remaining years on h1b and eb2 greencard filing


I had my h1b from oct 2009 to dec 2010. I went to india on dec 18th 2010 and got my h1b visa rejected in march 2011. Later in may 2011 i came on h4 status and applied for new h1b with my new employer.

I got it approved on nov 15th 2011 and till now am working with same employer on that visa.

Can you please help me understand how many years of h1b do i still have on my account?

I am working as a business and quality analyst and have masters in EE.

Can i get my greencard applied with EB2 status?

How do you see EB2 greendate priority date for india move in 2013? Will it progress any further?

You have 6 years less time already spent inside US on H-1.

It can be applied in EB-2 if:

  • the position requires Bachelors + 5 years of work experience, or Masters

  • you have the necessary education and experience for the position (experience gained at GC filing employer is not counted)

IMO, EB-2 will have slow movement in 2013 and we will not see the drastic movement like we saw in past couple of years.