H1B status query

I got my H1B in the year of 2014 and H1B start date was 1st Oct 2014. Please note it was a change of status from H4 to H1B. From Oct 2014 to Jan 2015 I did not got paid as my employer had no projects.I was out of status for 4 months and I do not have the W2 for the year 2014. At that time I was not aware what is out of status and its consequences, So I never argued with my employer to pay my salary. Since February I am getting paid regularly. last month I spoke to my employer and they informed that they are ready to pay for those 4 months but it is not possible to provide 2014 W2 as tax cycle is already closed and the pay will be current date. Requesting you to suggest it it OK if i receive the pay now for those months with payslips and I do not have a W2 for the year 2014. Also let me know what be consequences in future because of missing W2 for year 2014. Please note though I did not had W2 I filed IT return as joint with my wife.

you should ask for an amended W2 for 2014. if you are receving payslips, then IRS assumes you are getting paid and will need taxes from your employer and you. if your employer is indeed genuinely generating payslips (forget about actually paying you, for a moment) then the same system should be able to generate a W2. otherwise call their bluff and demand answers.

My employer is saying that taxes will be paid this year as salaries are paid in 2015 though it is for the months for 2014. They are generating payslips for the same. My question is if I have the salary slips for those months but not have a W2 for the year 2014 what will be the future consequences.

ok, so if your 2015 W2 will include this salary and taxes, then you should be fine

Ok, so I can go ahead with the option offered by my employer. Thanks a lot.