H1b status Checking information of 221(G)

I attended the H1b visa interview on 28/1/2016 at Hyderabad.completed the visa interview n they taken my project document of future employee and passport.After two days they gave mail to pick passport.I went and they gave passport with 221g query white form with case number.in that from they marked that case is in administrative processing.

Every day iam checking the status with that case number in https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx.

after submitting case number result is “your search did not return any data”.what is the meaning for this statement…almost i waited nearly 75 days but the result is getting as the same.please give any information about this.how much time i have to wait for the result…plz help me

Did you contact them about this? What’s the status on us travel docs site for your case?

thank u for responce.I don’t know to whom i have to contact. There is no information in us travel site simply they kept “Document Delivery Information:”.
is this sign of refusal…please help me.

Contact us travel docs people using the information given on their site. It is not sign of refusal as they would have mentioned so. 221g processing can take as much time as it like.

is there any problem if i contacted them,or i have to wait for some more days.

Usually they prefer to be contacted once 60 days have elapsed. You can contact them now. However, there is a good possibility that their update will not be any more meaningful.

k.thank u very much saurabh sir

Just Saurabh is fine. No need for any sir … Good luck!

BTW, status on USCIS site for your petition is still showing as approved or is something different?

its showing Approved.is there any refusal if contacted them for this reason i am very much fear to contact.

They won’t refuse the visa just b/c you contacted them. And this will be your first contact. So don’t worry.