H1B Status Change - Single to Married after filing H1B


My H1B was filed in April-2013 and my status in application was ‘Single’ (Not Married). I recently got married on 10-October, during the time of my marriage my Case status was still in ‘Review of Request for Evidence’.

Now my case status changed to Post Decision (Approved). I have the following questions;

  1. Can I attend interview with my application status as Single (Not Married) ? And later apply for H4 for my wife ? Will it create any problems in future?

  2. Do I have to change my status to ‘Married’ before going for interview ?

  3. What if the interviewer asks me, why didnt I change my status to Married in last 10 days ? Is it considered as Offence & non disclosure of information ?

Kinldy help


Amar Kiran