H1B Status Change From RFE to Initial review

Hi ,

I have applied to H1B this year and I received RFE for it. My status was in RFE until last week and today it changes to Initial Review directly and not to RFE Response. I asked my employer and they were saying they will reply to RFE but I am not sure they have replied or not and they are not responding.

My conecern ,

If it changes from RFE to Intial Review , Does that mean my employer has responded to RFE or not.

Also when my H1B was in RFE , I have travelled outside USA on L1/L2 visa.

Please let me know.

It happens that the case changes from RFE to IR, it’s normal. It’s a sign that they have received the RFE response and started reviewing ur case.

Travelling outside US is not an issue when ur H1B is in RFE