H1b Start date later than 6 months RFE

Hi, A friend of mine is in a tricky situation his employer applied for his H1b on 4/6 which was picked up in the lottery but the i129 had mentioned the start date as Nov 1 instead of Oct 1. They recently received a RFE mentioning that start date is in excess of six months before the start date and were asked to provide reasons for the early filling.

His employer mentioned that they would respond mentioning that there was a clerical error in the Start date, wanted to check if anyone on the forum has prior experience with a later start date or know of any such cases and the possibility of such a case being accepted. I have seen cases across forums with a start date prior to Oct 1 but none later than Oct 1 hence was looking out for help.


The response that employer is preparing is the best response in this case. I don’t know of similar experiences, but expect USCIS to not penalize for this typo.

Thanks Saurabh, my friend received his H1b approval couple of days ago. Honestly I had my doubts about a start date typo but guess a simple and honest response works. Thanks again.