H1b staping with 1 year validity


I got H1B with validity of 1 year. Few of my friends says i get chance to extend H1b visa only ones, is this true? or i can apply for extension as many times til 6 years? Pls clarify.


Is this your first H1-B petition ? If so, I never heard of 1 year validity of initial H1-B.

Generally, you get a validity for 3 years and can renew for additional 3 years (total of 6 years).

Additional extension can be obtained if your GC is in ‘process’.

Shilpa, the answer is ‘Yes’; For the next 6 years you can apply for extensions (as many times as needed). After 6 years, your GC processing status will determine your extension…

Thanks for your response Rahul. Yes its my first H1-B petition.

Thanks for response Jeyanthi.

Hi rahul,

Few of my friends from Top service based comp of india got 1 year validity
i think if employer is unable to show long term then they might give only for 1 year or might be due to volume of application geting received from same company.

Thanks Jeyanthi, I had also the same as I got my First H1B validity for one year only. Can you point me to USCIS link some other which states this.