H1b Stamping without Client Letter

Hi All,

I am planning to go to india and need to stamp in Kolkata.

My employment is EC model. My petition was approved with Internal Project and now working in client project.

So supporting documents are different from what the petition submitted to USCIS.

My client is not ready to provide client letter.

I am trying to get below documents from my client and employer for the replace of client letter to show that I am working there.

  1. Email from client of approval of leave or (Email from client manager that you work at client location)

  2. Office Work related emails.

  3. SOW between client and my employer.

  4. Photos of client side location ,client photo id

  5. I797 (all copies old and new ) 6. I129 7. Payslips and bank statements for year.

  6. A screenshot of myself in the Client online directory.

  7. Trying to get an email from client instead of the client letter stating that I am a contractor with client and that they do not give client letters.

  8. master services agreement

I do not full Time sheets in client site and do not Weekly status reports from client.

Please let me know if these documents are enough to prove that I am working with client and can replacement of client letter.

Appreciate your inputs on this.

I think it should be fine. Even though you are having all these documents, they can still issue 221g if they decide to do background check and confirm w/ client about your employment. This could happen even to a person who is carrying client letter. So have back-up plans in case stamping runs into issues.

Does your LCA and I-129 cover client location, or was it filed for employer location?