H1B stamping without client letter

My employer is a consultant who has deputed me to work at a client site in Texas. I have been working at this Texas site for over two years. I plan to shortly return to India for getting the H1B stamped on my PP. My problem is the client organization says they do not furnish client letters as there is no provision in their policy.

How can I handle this? Is client letter is mandatory? Is there any alternative to this?

Thanks for any advice and suggestions.


Client letter is actually not a part of mandatory documents but now a days people are getting admin processing or even 221g because of that. There are few things that you can do in case your client is not willing to give the client letter such as

  1. have the signed SOW

  2. letter from your client manager that you work for them and there is suficient amount of work left for you once you get your stamping done and come back to US

  3. emails conversations with coworkers

  4. client side Id card

  5. letter from your company’s manager

  6. letter from client side HR stating that you are working with this client and it is against the policy to provide client letter